Summary of paperwork needed for burial-

Type of death: Doctor/Coroner gives: Registrar gives:
Expected death not referred to Coroner Formal Notice and Medical Certificate on Cause of Death Certificate for Burial (known as the Green Form)
Unexpected death referred to Coroner Form 100 (Pink Form) or Form 101, Order for Burial Certificate for Burial (known as the Green Form) if Form 100 given. Nothing further needed for burial if Form 101 given.
Stillborn below 24th week of pregnancy Form giving details of stillbirth Nothing further needed for burial
Stillborn in the 24th or higher week of pregnancy Medical Certificate of Stillbirth Certificate of Registration of Stillbirth

Burial in the UK .As soon as you have the right documents for burial, you can plan for the funeral. Without a Certificate for Burial (known as the Green Form) or Coroner’s Order for Burial (form 101), the burial cannot take place.

When you get the paperworks, contact us so we can arrange to collect it from you.

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In general steps are below in preparation for Janazah and burial:

  • Making arrangements for Janazah prayer at the mosque of your preference
  • Making arrangements with the burial place of your choice
  • Body Washing (Ghusl)
  • Shrouding the body (Kaffon)
  • Placed the deceased in the cold room if the Janazah prayer/burial is not taking place on the same day of the ghusl
  • Janazah prayer
  • Funeral procession (carrying the funeral bier to the grave)
  • Burial at the cemetery


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