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Stillborn babies: If a baby is stillborn (born dead after 24 weeks of pregnancy) you will be given a Medical Certificate of Stillbirth signed by the midwife or doctor, which should be given to the Registrar of Deaths.

If no doctor or midwife was present and no doctor or midwife examined the body, you will not be given a Medical Certificate of Stillbirth. You must however sign a form (form 35) which the Registrar of Deaths will give to you when you go to register the death.

If a baby is stillborn before 24 weeks of pregnancy it is treated as a “non-viable foetus”. You will be given a form by the midwife or doctor recording the details of the non-viable foetus.

You do not however need to register the death of a nonviable foetus with the Registrar of Deaths; no other paperwork is involved.

Islamic perspective:
In Islam a foetus is defined as a morsel of flesh/blood/water if less than 120 days (17 weeks) inside a mother’s womb. It becomes human after 120 days (17 weeks or more).

A birth given after 120 days (17 weeks) of pregnancy that is stillborn must be given a name.

If it is difficult to determine the sex of the child then a neutral name suitable for both boys and girls must be given.

Both a foetus and stillborn must be buried. It is important that you do this promptly, especially for “non-viable foetuses”, because if you do not then the hospital will make arrangements for disposal/burial in a multi-faith mass grave and your baby will be denied a Muslim burial .

Table explaining Ghusl, Kaffon, and Janazah Prayer requirements for Stillborn

Ghusl Kaffon Name Janazah Prayer
120 days and under (foetus) No No, wrap in a piece of cloth No No
120 days and under but signs of limb formations visible (hands, legs, feet, nose, mouth etc) Yes No, wrap in a piece of cloth Yes No
From 120 days and up to stillbirth Yes No, wrap in a piece of cloth Yes No
At time of birth should only the head emerge and signs of life were noticeable before death Yes No, wrap in a piece of cloth Yes No
At time of birth if more than half the body emerges and the child lives before dying * Yes Yes Yes Yes
* Half the body implies emergence of the top torso up to the chest if a head first delivery and up to the naval if feet first delivery.


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