If your loved one passes away in the United Kingdom and you wish to repatriate them to their homeland, we’re here to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can call us on 020 7018 0300 for further information. efficient repatriation service uk

We begin our services immediately upon instruction to ensure a swift, efficient repatriation service.Brick Lane Muslim Funeral London  repatriation service

Our service includes-

  • advice and guidance throughout the process
  • necessary documentation
  • collection and care of your loved one
  • flight booking
  • embalming and preparation (as required)
  • arranging ghusl and shrouding
  • zinc lined coffin/casket
  • arranging Janazah prayer of your loved one at mosque of your preference
  • arranging transportation to airport

The following practical steps are needed in order to move forward with the repatriation arrangements. This guide provides a brief overview of what steps need to be taken and in what order.

  1. Get the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death from GP/Hospital Doctor/Coroner depending on the place of death
  2. Contact the registry office to register the death or Interim Death Certificate from the Coroner in case of unexpected death
  3. Arrange the repatriation process with us

Medical Certificate of Cause of Death-

The doctor will issue a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death allowing you to register the death.

efficient repatriation service uk

Registering the Death-

You must register the death within 5 days; this includes weekends and bank holidays.

After registering the death, you will only be issued with a death certificate by the Registrar of Death and a ‘form of notice to a Coroner of intention to remove a body out of England or Wales’. Brick Lane Muslim Funeral London  repatriation service

Arranging the repatriation process- 

  • We will apply to the coroner for an ‘Out of England’ certificate, as part of this process we require the death certificate and a copy of the deceased’s You can email us these documents as soon as you get the death certificate. Please note that a coroner can legally take up to 4 working days to issue the Out of England certificate. Often we can obtain this within less time, depending on the coroner
  • We will help you to notify the relevant embassy to issue the documents if needed
  • Free From Infection (FFI) Certificate’ from the doctor who has treated the patient
  • Carry out the embalming
  • Flight booking.

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